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The What of the Revolutions | The Who of the American Revolution | The Who of the French Revolution | Timeline for the American Revolution | Timeline for the French Revolution | The How and Where of the Revolutions | The Why of the Revolutions | Long and Short Term Outcomes of the Amerian Revolution | Long and Short term outcomes of the French Revolution | Similarities and Differences of the Revolutions | Conclusion | Photos | Credits
The Who of the American Revolution
American and French Revolutions

This page tells of the many important people who were involved with the American Revolution.

The American Side:

Patriot- someone who was loyal to the colonies and oppossed the king.

Thomas Jefferson- wrote a majority of the constitution.

George Washington- commander of the Continental Army and the first president of the United States.
Thomas Paine- wrote "Common Sense" which helped spark the revolution.
Paul Revere- "The British are coming!" Warned of the approach of British Troops.
Continental Congress- Delegates of the 13 colonies who came together to ratify a document against King George; they wanted their voices heard.
The French- French aremies and navy aided the colonies against the British.
John Adams- Lawyer who defeanded British soldiers who were involved with the Boston Massacre.
John Locke- Influenced many of the ideas that were included in the Constitustion.
Red Coats- what the Patriots called the British during the war.

The British Side:
Loyalist- someone who was loyal to the king.
King George- king during the American Revolution.
Cornwallis- commander of the British Army.
Rebels  what the loyalists called the patriots during the war.

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