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American and French Revolutions

Works Cited

American Revolution: The Effects.1999.Think Quest. 29 May, 2004.

This site provided very good information about the American Revolution and its effects after the war. It provided information about the impact of the Enlightenment on the revolution. The most useful thing this site provided was the information about the impact of the revolution on the world

Effects of the French Revolution. 2003. Columbia University Press. 30, May 2004.

This site provided much needed information about the French Revolution, most importantly what the effects were of it on the rest of the world and France itself. This site also had subcategories on things like the Estates General and the National Assembly. This site was very useful when researching the French Revolution.

Ellis, Elisabeth and Esler Anthony. World History: Connections to Today. New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc, 2003

This is where I got the majority of my information. Without the book as a resource I probably would not have been able to finish this project because I would not have been able to find the specific information I needed to complete this project. This book was very useful.

McGuire, Notes. May 2004

The notes from class were also very helpful in this project. Without the timeline and notes from class this project would be almost impossible because I would know have any base knowledge to start my project on.

Katelyn Damon 2004