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The Who of the French Revolution
American and French Revolutions

These are the key players of the French Revolution.

Marie Antoinette- wife of Louis XVI, Queen of France beheaded as a traitor in 1793.
Louis XVI- King of France, husband to Marie also beheaded as a traitor.
Maximillien Robespierre- Head of the Committee of Public Safety; lead the Reign of Terror killing 40,000 people.
Napolean Bonaparte- Emperor of France from 1801 to 1814.
National Assembly- A group of mostly the 3rd estate who seperated from the Estates General to get their voices heard.
Estates General- a group of all 3 estates called together to figure out hot to gain money, food and alliance from the French people again.
1st Estate- The Clergy
2nd Estate- Nobles
3rd Estate- Commoners
John Locke- Influenced French ideas for a constitution.

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