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The What of the Revolutions | The Who of the American Revolution | The Who of the French Revolution | Timeline for the American Revolution | Timeline for the French Revolution | The How and Where of the Revolutions | The Why of the Revolutions | Long and Short Term Outcomes of the Amerian Revolution | Long and Short term outcomes of the French Revolution | Similarities and Differences of the Revolutions | Conclusion | Photos | Credits
The What of the Revolutions
American and French Revolutions

This page has a concise definition as to why each revolution took place.

The American Revolution:

              The American Revolution against Britain was mostly a rebellion against control. The 13 American colonies did not like the control that Britain had over them. The colonies had no say in how they were governed. They tried many times to lighten Britain's control but nothing worked., and finally the colonies got sick of Britain's opression and hars taexes. The colonies declared themselves free from Britain and they went to war to prove that freedom and won.


The French Revolution:
         The French Revolution was about the common people of France fighting against their government and some of the higher class people. They commoners were fighting for equality with the higher classes. The nobles and clergy were exempt from taxes, so the lower class ended up paying for a majority of the expenses for war and for the governments unchecked spending. In order to creat a democracy the common people of France had to overthrow the old government, using great violence in the name of freedom, equality and brotherhood.

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