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Long and Short Term Outcomes of the Amerian Revolution
American and French Revolutions

This page shows the short and long term outcomes of the revolution on America and the world.

Short and Long Term Outcomes for America.
Short Term Outcomes-
  • The Colonies gained independence from Great Britain.
  • America began to trade with China.
  • The Western part of the United States was divided into townships.
  • The "Ordinance of Religious Freedom" was passed in 1786 giving freedom to people of any religion.
  • America begins to suffer from post-war economic depressions.
  • On September 29, 1789- The United States Army is established with 1,000 men consisting of eight infantry and one battalion of four artillery companies.
  • As a result of the revolution women, blacks and white men without property were treated unequally.

Long Term Outcomes-
  • The Bill of Rights was created, giving more people equality.
  • Economics and trade became big staples for the American way.
  • The United States gained international power while still realizing that Great Britian was a valuable alliance to keep.
  • The United States helped greatly with the spread of democracy by setting a working example of what it can do.

Long and Short Term Outcomes of the American Revolution on the World.

Short Term-

  • Britain had to look for a new supplier of goods because America wasn't going to trade with them.

Long Term-

  • Revolutions around the world used America as an example for their own constitutions, and how to from their new governments.

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