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Similarities and Differences of the Revolutions
American and French Revolutions

Similarities and Differences for the American and French Revolutions

  • Both America and France were fighting against oppressive governments.
  • The constitutions of America and France were both inspired by John Locke.
  • Both revolutions consisted of enlightenment ideas like equality for all, and unalienable rights.
  • Each revolution consisted of violence.
  • America formed the Continental Congress and France formed the National Assembly, both were set up from a constitution.
  • Each revolution also consisted of economic reasons. Both were being excessivley taxed by their governments and didn't have any say about it.

  • America and France were two different countries.
  • America's revolution was against oppressive British rule.
  • America was fighting for an entirely new government.
  • France's revolution was about the commoners fighting with their own government for equality.
  • The French were only fighting for a new government not an entirely new country.
  • The American Revolution had organized military conflict.
  • The French Revolution was full of chaos, protesting and revolts.

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